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China in Africa Project : Publications du South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA) 

The China in Africa Project produces publications in the following formats - please access these via the links below:

Policy Briefings

China and Post-Conflict Reconstruction in Africa: The Case of Sudan 
by Daniel Large
SAIIA Policy Briefing No 36, October 2011

Chinese Business Interest and Banking in Nigeria 
by Abiodun Alao
SAIIA Policy Briefing 20, July 2010

Policy effectiveness and China's Investment in the Zambian Mining Sector 
by Dan Haglund
SAIIA Policy Briefing, No 19, July 2010

China's Engagement with the Nigerian Oil Sector 
by Gregory Mthembu-Salter
SAIIA Policy Briefing, No 11, November 2009 

Chinese Investment in African Free Trade Zones: Lessons from Nigeria's Experience 
by Gregory Mthembu-Salter
SAIIA Policy Briefing, No 10, November 2009

China's Environmental Footprint in Africa 
by Peter Bosshard
China-Africa Policy Brief, No 3, April 2008

China and the United Nations Security Council: From Observer to Activist 
by Paula Cristina Roque and Chris Alden
China-Africa Policy Brief, No 2, April 2008

China's preferential trade policy towards Africa 
by Adam Minson
China-Africa Policy Brief, No 1, February 2008

Occasional papers

The Sicomines Agreement: Change and Continuity in the Democratic Republic of Congo's International Relations 
by Johanna Jansson
SAIIA Occasional Paper No 97, October 2011

Chinese Economic and Trade Co-operation Zones in Africa: The Case of Mauritius 
by Ana Cristina Alves
SAIIA Occasional Paper No 74, January 2011

China's Overseas Foreign Direct Investment Risk: 2008-2009 
by Wang Duanyong
SAIIA Occasional Paper No 73, January 2011

The Chinese Stance on the Darfur Conflict 
by Gaafar Karrar Ahmed
SAIIA Occasional Paper No 67, September 2010

Banking in Nigeria and Chinese Economic Diplomacy in Africa 
by Abiodun Alao
SAIIA Occasional Paper No 65, July 2010

The Myth and Reality of Chinese Investors: A Case Study of Chinese Investment in Zambia's Copper Industry 
by Pengtao Li
SAIIA Occasional Paper, No 62, May 2010

Development Aid for Infrastructure Investment in Africa: Malian Relations with China, the European Commission and the World Bank 
by Henry Fletcher
SAIIA Occasional Paper, No 58, April 2010

From Isolation to Integration? A Study of Chinese Retailers in Dakar 
by Romain Dittgen
SAIIA Occasional Paper, No 57, March 2010

Aid to Africa: What can the EU and China Learn from Each Other? 
by Jin Ling
SAIIA Occasional Paper, No 56, March 2010

The Oil Factor in Sino-Angolan Relations at the Start of the 21st Century 
by Ana Cristina Alves
SAIIA Occasional Paper, No 55, February 2010

China's Role in Infrastructure Development in Botswana 
by Anna Ying Chen
SAIIA Occasional Paper, No 44, October 2009

Elephants, Ants and Superpowers: Nigeria's Relations with China 
Gregory Mthembu-Salter
SAIIA Occasional Paper, No 42, September 2009

Building on Progress? Chinese Engagement in Ethiopia  
by Monika Thakur
SAIIA Occasional Paper, No 38, July 2009

Chinese Development Co-operation in Africa: The Case of Tembisa's Friendship Town 
by Chris Alden and Anna Ying Chen
SAIIA Occasional Paper, No 30, April 2009

China in the African Solar Energy Sector 
by Tsidiso Disenyana 
SAIIA Occasional Paper, No 25, February 2009

Chinese Migration in Africa 
by Yoon Jung Park
SAIIA Occasional Paper, No 24, February 2009

China in Mozambique: A Cautious Approach 
by Paula Cristina Roque
SAIIA Occasional Paper, No 23, February 2009

Chinese Provinces as Foreign Policy Actors in Africa 
by Chen Zhimin and Jian Junbo
SAIIA Occasional Paper, No 22, February 2009

Banking on Africa: Chinese Financial Institutions and Africa 
by Riaan Meyer and Chris Alden
SAIIA Occasional Paper, No 14, October 2008

Research Reports

Price Power: China's role in the telecommunications sector of the Democratic Republic of the Congo 
by Gregory Mthembu-Salter
China-Africa Policy Report, No 6, 2008

Banking on Africa: Chinese financial institutions and Africa 
by Riaan Meyer and Chris Alden
China-Africa Policy Report, No 5, 2008

China and Gabon: A Growing Resource Partnership 
by Ana Cristina Alves
China-Africa Policy Report, No 4, 2008

Ghana's relations with China 
by Isaac Idun-Arkhurst
China-Africa Policy Report, No 3, 2008

China's Lusophone Connection 
by Ana Cristina Alves
China-Africa Policy Report, No 2, 2008

China's Development Policy in Africa 
by Gernot Pehnelt and Martin Abel
China-Africa Policy Report, No 1, 2007

Opinion Editorials

As part of the project, a number of Opinion Editorial pieces have been published :Read More 

Diplomatic Pouch

China's Exceptionalism in Africa: from Rhetorical to Substantive Difference? 
by Chris Alden and Dan Large
Diplomatic Pouch, 25 August 2010

China-Africa Trade and the Global Financial Crisis 
by Gilberto Biacuana
Diplomatic Pouch, 17 November 2008

Is Africa Changing China ? 
by Chris Alden
Diplomatic Pouch, 22 August 2008


China in Africa
by Chris Alden (London: Zed Books, 2007)
Click here for Zed Books 

China Returns to Africa: An Emerging Power and a Continent Embrace
by Chris Alden, Dan Large and Ricardo Soares de Oliveira, eds. (London: Hurst, 2008) Click here for Hurst Publishers 

China in Africa: Mercantilist predator, or partner in development? 
by Garth le Pere (ed)
IGD/SAIIA (1-919697-96-9)

Enter the Dragon - Towards a Free Trade Agreement Between China and the Southern African Customs Union 
by Peter Draper and Garth le Pere (eds)
SAIIA, 2005 (1-919697-80-2)

Towards China Inc? Assessing the implications for Africa 
by Greg Mills and Natasha Skidmore (eds)
SAIIA, 2004 (1-919969-26-8)

Additional papers and publications

The China-Africa Toolit: A resource for African policy makers 
September 2009

Alden C, ‘Leveraging the dragon: Towards an Africa That Can say No', E-Africa, Electronic Journal of Governance and Innovation, February 2005 (also published by Yale Global).

China in Africa 
Special Issue of the South African Journal of International Affairs, 13, 1, 2006.

Africa-China-EU Cooperation in Africa: Prospects and Pitfalls 
by Chris Alden and Elizabeth Sidiropoulos
Special Issue on the EU Africa Partnership Strategy, The Nordic Africa Institute: Policy Notes 2009/11.

Other ressources and links on China

Government links:
South African Department of Foreign Affairs 
South African Department of Trade and Industry 
South African Embassy in China 
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Peoples Republic of China 
Chinese Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation 
Official website of the Forum for China-Africa Cooperation 
Forum on China-Africa Cooperation "Beijing Action Plan (2007-2009)" 
African Development Bank 
China Development Bank 

Chinese government White Papers:
China Africa Policy 
China White paper on Democracy 
hina National Defence 2004 
China White Paper on Arms Control 

Chinese Missions in Africa:
Chinese Embassy in Algeria 
Chinese Embassy in the Democratic Republic of Congo 
Chinese Embassy in Egypt 
Chinese Embassy in Ethiopia 
Chinese Embassy in Mauritius 
Chinese Embassy in Namibia 
Chinese Embassy in Nigeria 
Chinese Embassy in South Africa 
Chinese Embassy in Zimbabwe 

Research Centres:
China Balance Sheet 
Centre on China's Transnational Relations 
The Asia Foundation 
Centre for Chinese Studies 
China Institute, University of Alberta 
Institute of West-Asian and African Studies of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences 
Development Research Institute of Asia and Africa, Development Research Center of State Council 
Council on Foreign Relations 
French Centre for Research on Contemporary China 
The Brookings Institution 
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development 
Centre for Strategic and International Studies 
Institute for Global Dialogue 
Human Rights Watch: China 
The Jamestown Foundation: China Brief 
International Monetary Fund: China Page 
Coalition of Services Industry: China Working Group 
Nuclear Threat Initiative: China Profile 
China Study Group 
Emerging Market Focus 
The Beijing Axis: Africa China Solutions 
Shanghai Institute for International Studies 
Collaboratory for Research on Global Projects at Stanford University 
Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis 

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